This website IS NOT primarly oriented on:

- DJ transitions based on same instrumental / beat / riddim
- DJ transitions based on remix
- DJ transitions based on obvious samples ( Ice Ice Baby -> Queen - Under Pressure)

Mixes already used by other djs ARE OK! / please do mention origin

Transition types


BMP. Basic type. boring


Same or complementary musical scale. Note that acuracy of Serato, Traktor, Mixedinkey, Rekordbox is 60-80%. Use your ears or musical instrument. Helpfull tool is Scale finder


Vibe, energy, same era..


Can range from puns to advanced storytelling, nevertheless clubber should be able to get the message without knowing tracks. Safe wordplays are "Bitch", "Fuck", "Stop" etc..


Advanced technique popular within competitive DJs. Playing melody of song B, using hotcues mapped with isolated melody from song A. Also can be achieved by pitching MIDI-mapped single cuepoint supported by some devices.